3 Ways to Save Money and Stress on Moving

Everyone knows that moving can be stressful and expensive. You often struggle with stress over items going missing as well as things breaking along the way. Many times you end up with extra expenses in addition to the costs of moving to a new city. So, if you are planning on moving to Idaho this year, make sure you keep these tips in mind to save on moving costs:

  • Take the time to downsize. 

If you have always wanted to downsize, now is the time to do it. As you pack up things, consider selling and donating any unwanted items, such as old toys, furniture pieces, clothing, and other items. Despite the ongoing pandemic, people are still finding ways to get rid of unwanted items. Keep certain restrictions in mind, but there are ways to sell items, whether through Craigslist, NextDoor, or even Facebook. You’ll appreciate the extra cash and the extra space you’ll have after you move into your new home. 


  • Get more than one moving estimate.

Even if you have a mover lined up, reach out to additional movers in your area and get their estimates of the cost. Also, consider how much it would cost to move on your own. Get to know their hourly rates and expenses, keeping in mind that you may need to do a lot of this virtually, especially if they have any restrictions in place. Also, find out everything they do to make sure that your move is as safe as possible. 


  • Start packing early.

Once you confirmed your move-in date, start packing as early as possible. Pick up extra boxes and start packing up items that are used the least in your home regularly, such as books, dishes, out-of-season belongings, and other things. While you prepare, make a list of all the services you will need to either cancel or transfer as well as anyone you need to contact to update your billing address. All of these things are last-minute items you won’t want to think about, so getting them done early will save you plenty of stress. 

We know that moving is stressful, and there is a lot to think about during the COVID-19 crisis. However, not all moves can wait, so with these tips in mind, we hope we have saved you stress and money. Contact Homes of Idaho if you are interested in moving to our beautiful state or selling your home to a prospective buyer.

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