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Tracey Ruiz



Tracey is passionate about helping first-time home buyers purchase one of the biggest investments of their lives. In 2011 Tracey and her family relocated to Idaho from California. She knows what it is like to move across town and across state lines and she is equipped to help you do the same whether your move is 10 blocks or a few thousand miles. Selling a home can be a stressful process and having been through the selling and moving process herself many times, she works hard to minimize the stress of selling and moving for her clients. She also has really great packing tips!  Tracey comes from a family that has long valued real estate.  While Tracey’s parents were investors in real estate it was her sister being a successful real estate broker in California that inspired her to become a Realtor in Idaho.  Tracey holds her real estate license for the state of Idaho with Homes of Idaho.