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I am a sixth-generation Idahoan, born in Boise and grateful for the many opportunities this community has afforded my family.  Early on, I excelled in advanced math classes and eventually found my career path in accounting at Boise State University.  I worked at a law firm, a CPA firm and a large concrete company before launching my own accounting business and partnering with many prominent and successful Boise establishments.  In 1999, I began investing in various real estate opportunities including buying/selling, home renovation, new build construction and property management.  My years of experience and former career have created a foundation to launch my real estate business.  My attention to detail, proficiency and solid business sense sets a high standard for which I live by to find success in a fast-paced market and economy.  I love the culture of Home of Idaho, positive communication, leadership, and office enthusiasm.  My “number crunching” background, zest of legal and passion for real estate make my job as an agent exciting, rewarding and fulfills my desire to encourage others to invest into their own real estate portfolio.