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Drew Matich



After numerous trips to the Treasure Valley, I moved to Idaho in 2021 and have come to love so much of what Idaho has to offer.  I’m thrilled to have found a beautiful place to call home. 


And after many years of experience in the entertainment industry as a producer-turned-executive, I have decided to channel that experience to benefit Homes of Idaho clients.


In my work as a television executive, I worked with post production teams on a number of high profile TV series while delivering maximum value to the studio and its numerous broadcast partners. I will bring with me that experience to provide the smoothest possible transactions and maximum value to my Homes of Idaho clients.  


If you're new to the area, ask me anything...where to eat, what to see, who can set up home electronics, or who can take care of your pets while on vacation.  I want to be your resource.


Whether you want to build that dream home from the ground up in Nampa or Star, or find a great property in the Boise Bench, I can help.  There are some great opportunities out there.


I did it, and so can you. I can’t wait to work with you.