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Paul Burke

Real Estate Agent

My career in the fire service will always be a part of who I am. First Response Realty has become a way for me to continue to serve others after retirement. With nearly thirty years experience in real estate investing during my fire career, becoming a realtor was the natural second career choice for me.

I have always had my hand in the market in one form or another. My brother and I were flipping houses back in the 90’s before it became popular. In fact, it was real estate investing that first brought me to this beautiful state of Idaho, nearly 20 years ago, which lead my wife and I to move our family here in 2015. We were grateful for our realtor who worked patiently and diligently with us during our relocation journey, guiding us in our search for the perfect home for our large family.

Since becoming a realtor myself, I have enjoyed helping many others to find their perfect home. I’ve helped each find a home suited to their particular desires, including new builds, homes in established neighborhoods, and homes with acreage in rural communities.

One especially rewarding experience was finding homes for two sisters, moving from out of state, who wanted to be neighbors. Today, they are each enjoying their new home in a beautiful Nampa neighborhood across the street from each other!

I believe that communication is the key to a successful working relationship. Communication has made all the difference in my personal transactions, and I make it of highest priority in my clients’ transactions. I make it a point to keep consistent and detailed communication with my clients and all parties involved. In doing so, I’ve been successful in developing a good working relationship with a great team of people.

Being a retired fire captain, the son and grandson of retired military, and the father of three sons currently serving in the Army, Air Force, and Marines, I’ve found that I am particularly drawn toward working with military and first responders. The similar background I share with my brothers and sisters in the fire service, police, and military allows for common ground and a familiar and natural working relationship as we journey to find their new home.

Give me a call at (208) 800-8588, or check out my website, I look forward to serving and accompanying you on your journey to your new home in Southern Idaho’s Treasure Valley and the outlying areas.