Hi there! I am a born & raised Californian. (I know, I know.) My family made the exciting & somewhat scary choice to relocate to Idaho in 2017 when we realized our home state no longer offered the life nor the opportunities we were striving for, not only for ourselves, but especially for our children. I know what it's like to pick up and leave everything you know behind. Family, friends, schools, jobs, everything! It can be intimidating and although it may be the right choice, it can be so difficult to pursue when it feels so daunting to peel back all of the layers of "things to do" that will make a successful cross-country move possible. We were lucky in that my husband had been in the military for more than 10 years so it was not our first time crossing state lines. Nevertheless, doing it without the support of the military was most definitely intimidating. I cannot tell you how happy I am that we did it anyway! I absolutely LOVE Idaho. I am overcome with gratitude that we were able to relocate our family here and create a home that was right for us. It was truly meant to be. I may be relatively new in town, but I have worked all over the Treasure Valley these last few years before landing on real estate - which means I've gotten a fair amount of experience & knowledge about this beautiful area, and the wonderful people we are so blessed to live amongst. I look forward to continuing to explore and discover the Treasure Valley, whilst working with you to find the perfect home for your needs. I am committed to working with you to make your transition to life in Idaho rewarding & smooth.