Hi! My name is Corinne. I was born in Buffalo, New York but have lived in Idaho since I was 7 years old. I have traveled to many places in the United States and can, without a doubt, say that Idaho is the only place for me. I am in constant awe of what this beautiful state has to offer its residents, and I am genuinely so excited to help you make your dreams of buying or selling Idaho real estate a reality! Whether you are buying or selling real estate, I am here to assist you with positivity, professionalism and perseverance. I am driven and motivated to making your experience a great one. I will be available to answer questions, maintain your best interests as a priority and guide your through the process from start to finish. I will bring knowledge, commitment, support and a smile! It would be an honor to assist you during this time in your life. Let's make those dreams come true!