Shining a Spotlight on Soda Burst, a New Caldwell Business

Today I’m joined by Jarom and Lisa Wagoner, the owners of Soda Burst, to discuss their new business here in Caldwell.

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Soda Burst is a soda bar where you can mix different flavors with your favorite kind of soda to create your own customized drink. They also have their own signature master mixes for customers to try for themselves. In addition to sodas, they also have other refreshments like hot chocolate, cookies, and shaved ice, all of which are excellent. In fact, their Hawaiian shaved ice was their biggest hit this past summer for those looking to cool off from the heat.

In our conversation in the video above, you can learn all about where Jarom and Lisa Wagoner got their idea for Soda Burst, how they turned their inspiration into a reality, and what sorts of amazing things you can find on their menu.

To see their full range of options for yourself, visit or follow them on Facebook. We highly recommend that you check them out!

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