Three Excellent Parts of a Real Estate Investor’s Toolkit

At Homes of Idaho, we support research into the local Idaho housing markets for those who really want a true look at the big picture, as well as more granular, detailed information in Idaho neighborhoods.


What do we offer to our users? Here are three of the things that we see most popularly used as people do research on different areas of Idaho and how to craft the right real estate strategy for these markets.

Our Home Valuation Tool


Who wouldn’t want to use a property evaluation tool to get a good estimate of what a real estate parcel is worth?


After all, this is what agents do with CMAs and other tools. Our online valuation tool helps you to get ballpark figures before you go further into a real estate plan that may or may not be strategically feasible. The valuations that you get help you to understand what’s going on in context – where values come from, and what you might stand to get from any one property in particular. 


Research on Local Neighborhoods


We also support detailed research into neighborhoods like Ada, Caldwell, and Canyon, as well as various others around the area. 


When you click into our neighborhoods page, you see a variety of metrics and numbers neatly presented according to the principle of data visualization. This makes it a lot easier to do more research in a quicker time frame. That’s something that our investors value as they try to put together a plan to get involved in local Idaho real estate.


Our Events Page


Want to know what’s going on in the local markets? Meetups and other events are vital for many real estate investors who want to keep an ear to the ground and network for success. Our events page shows you some of what’s happening so that you can get involved.

Part of the value in working from our online tools comes from our experience. We know the area! Working in Treasure Valley since 1978, we have the know-how and the understanding of the lay of the land to offer value to investors, flippers, and others who want to get a true view of value in an Idaho local market. Take a look at the web site and all of the features that we offer to illuminate fair market values for properties, illustrate essential real estate investment techniques, and promote the kinds of success that you’re hoping for when you wade into real estate!

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