Why So Many People Are Calling Idaho Home

Why So Many People Are Calling Idaho Home

People are choosing to call Idaho home at a record rate. With its spacious Pacific Northwest landscape and booming economic opportunities, Idaho is proving to have more to offer than merely its world-renowned and iconic potatoes. People are taking notice.

Economic Opportunity

Boasting the lowest cost of living of the eleven most western states, Idaho is smaller in size as well as population. Its most populated city is Boise, the state capital, housing a population of around 200,000 people. All of the other urban areas and small towns of Idaho fall below a population of 100,000, making the state a perfect choice for those who want to live in more rural areas yet have access to economic, cultural centers.

Endless Outdoor Adventures

Idaho offers some of the most stunning scenic mixtures in our nation. Winding rivers, expansive farmland, hot springs, and jagged peaks are linked together by small towns and urban areas. The recreational options are endless, making Idaho a great state for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Outdoor recreation is important to the residents of Idaho, and the state provides something for everyone when it comes to adventure. Whitewater rafters and kayakers flock to the waters of Salmon River, which is renowned as one of the premier wilderness rivers in the country.

Snowboarders and skiers race down the mountains at popular resorts where U.S. Olympic teams train, experiencing exhilarating courses that offer unparalleled thrills. There are also numerous under the radar ski towns that provide a more laid back ski experience in the winter months, as well as scenic challenges for mountain bikers in the warmer months.

Diverse Cultural Experiences

Culture abounds in the small towns and larger cities, where museums, world-class dining, music, and festivals fill the calendar with fun things to do. Residents enjoy unique off the beaten attractions that can be found throughout Idaho’s countryside. This mixture of rugged outdoors and cultural discoveries is what draws many visitors each year to this western state.

A Great State To Call Home

The seamless flow from the rugged outdoor landscape to the urban cultural-economic centers provides residents an opportunity to live, work, and play in a relatively small geographical area. Idaho presents an array of choices for people who wish to call this special state home. When you are ready to put down roots in this great state, let Homes Of Idaho help you find the perfect Idaho home for you.

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