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Licensed in 2005. I‘ve spent the last fifteen years working this industry while adapting to its ever-changing ways. The one constant that has always been there is:for the client to feel they are working with a responsible, knowledgeable, experienced person who understands the industry and the local markets. Some one you feel safe with...if you will😊 There is a lot of money and legal forms in every transaction that should never be taken lightly. You have worked hard for your assets and they need to be protected while moving forward toward your end goal. I work with buyers and sellers throughout the valley. My time is spent roughly 60 /40 (buyers / sellers), which I know makes me a much more educated, experienced, knowledgeable Realtor. Understanding the nature of emotions, expectations and market value from both sides of a transaction; gives me the upper edge when dealing with negotiations throughout the entire transaction. I realize that every client is different and pending your wants and needs I adapt to you and your methods not the other way around. Finding a Realtor that you feel comfortable with and trust is so important, so I am more than willing to meet / chat with you and just have a friendly open discussion to see if I’m a good fit for your real estate needs. If I need to bring in another agent to work with me from our office to handle your needs / wants I can and will. Homes of Idaho has a true team concept with a range of fields when needed😊 Remember my job is to make your real estate expectations to go as smoothly, professionally, and rewarding as possible to you. On a personal note I moved here in 2005 from my home state of Montana. I get to have all the seasons without the extreme winters Montana brings. I also love that I can live the lifestyle I choose with great outdoor activities and have a good size city with a small-town community feel. I also spent 10 years living in Utah.I work hard because my name and integrity are everything to me, as is yours.


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